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From 2011 to 2014 I volunteered for several different environmental projects treating them as a full-time job - Grow Blackpool, North Blackpool Pond Trail, Blackpool Council Rangers and Lancashire Wildlife Trust. During this time I learnt lots of new skills in horticulture, permaculture, woodland / countryside management and ecosystem maintenance but unfortunately there was no paid work to walk into so I decided to set up my own small business instead.

I started trading as Pedalable Edibles in 2014, an eco-gardening food growing initiative designed to help local people grow fruit and veg in their own gardens whilst carrying out general garden maintenance tasks in an eco-friendly fashion. As I don't drive all work was carried out using a mountain bike and a trailer which is still the case today. Suffice to say it was and still is a hard slog, but satisfied customers whilst keeping myself physically fit is well worth it.

Over the next 5 years I just about managed to make ends meet but as I was about to upgrade my business model to include a retail shop my personal circumstances suddenly changed. In late 2019 I became a full-time carer for my best friend who was suffering from cancer. Not long after committing to being an unpaid carer then Covid-19 reared its ugly head so I had to place my business plans on an indefinite hiatus. Sadly my best friend passed away in early 2021.

After a year of coming to terms with my loss, in 2022, I began to restart and reinvent my business under a new name - Natural Ethics UK. This new venture continues the food growing and eco-gardening initiative but along side a socially conscious effort to improve our local community by offering an advice, support and education service to connect those who are struggling in life with a more natural and ethical lifestyle for positive mental health and physical well-being.

Honesty, integrity, ethics and the personal touch are very important to me, and as most of my existing customers can verify, I'm not just working for them, I'm also a friend who will help them with whatever they need to turn their gardens into a productive growing space whilst maintaining harmony and balance with nature. There's a sense of satisfaction gained from earning a living whilst helping others in need, from the elderly to the mobility impaired.

My business premises at 17 Bond Street, Blackpool will be transformed into a drop-in centre for those who wish to access advice, support and education to make natural and ethical changes to their lives. The 'Grow Your Own' Eco-Gardening Service is available now whilst I'm sourcing and securing funding for the next stage of my business.
My intention is to create a 'social enterprise' that exists to give local people 'Ethical Choices For Living Naturally'.

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